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Shell Bell's Dirty Adventure

While most people were putting the final touches on their costumes, Shelli Main was among the 3200 enthusiastic participants getting covered in sand and mud.

By Shelli Main

2010 Redwood Empire Cross Country Recap!

As we here at the Empire Runners care about all levels of the sport, itís now time to give some love to the local high schoolers who braved rain, wind, and mud this fall. So here comes the 2010 Redwood Empire Cross Country Recap!

By Alex Wolf-Root

Feature of the month:
The Month That Was!

In this monthís article, we focus on the college ranks: NCAA Division I and III Regional and National Championships, DII Regionals, NAIA Nationals. Plus one local representing the United States of America.

By Alex Wolf-Root

Time to renew!

All members who joined or last renewed before October 1st have a renewal date of January 1, 2011. Log on to empirerunners.org to renew online.

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